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Reviewing the Laws

Legal Start

Presented by: Katherine Bayer and Ryan Turner at Taylor MaCaffrey Lawyers

Dedicated to quality, our goal is to provide legal services and resources that can only come from an experienced law firm. Our Legal Start lawyers are well versed in all areas of business, corporate, commercial, labour and employment, regulatory and intellectual property matters to help you make your dream a reality.


While a few hours spent researching online might give you some partial understanding of the legal and business challenges new businesses face, it is important to spare yourself further trouble down the road by establishing a relationship early on with a lawyer.


Don't let legal missteps or complicated jargon get in the way of your ambitions. We don't want just your business – we want you to succeed and grow your business well into the future. We know the challenges new businesses face, anticipate problems that may arise and help you prevent them so your business can survive its start-up phase and thrive, all on a budget that works for your business.

Business Meeting

Awaken the Leader Within

Presented by: Earl Lambert

Discover the leader within you and unlock your leadership potential. Join Earl as he shares insights on how you can tap into your innate leadership abilities, regardless of your current role. This engaging and empowering session will reveal the key traits and qualities that define great leaders and show you how to cultivate them within yourself. Earl's inspiring approach will motivate you to take the lead in creating positive, lasting change in your professional and personal life. Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your leadership potential and achieve your goals.

  • Pathways to Self Determination Conference and Trade Show
    Pathways to Self Determination Conference and Trade Show
    Tue, Apr 02
    Apr 02, 2024, 8:00 a.m. CDT – Apr 03, 2024, 4:00 p.m. CDT
    Winnipeg, 1808 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0G3, Canada
    Explore the Power Within: Join us at the Pathways to Self-Determination Conference and Trade Show, where empowerment meets innovation! Uncover the keys to personal and professional growth through inspiring speakers, interactive workshops, and cutting-edge exhibits.
Organizing the Calendar

Intro to Business Planning

Presented by: Priscila Calderon

This workshop, led by an expert in the field, will cover key topics such as the importance of business ownership, how to choose a viable business idea, and the fundamentals of creating a comprehensive business plan. You'll gain insights into the purpose of a business plan, its intended audience, and its essential components. Through interactive activities, you'll delve into crafting a compelling business description, understanding your target customers, analyzing competitors, and identifying the crucial elements to include in your plan. Plus, you'll learn valuable resources and avenues for seeking further assistance in refining your business strategy. Don't miss this opportunity to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey with practical knowledge and actionable guidance!

Laptop and Paperwork

Financial Wellness Empowerment

Presented by: Sheldon Bayer

Financial Wellness Empowerment, where we'll dive into the Me-Dian Credit Union Fresh Start program. Exclusive to Me-Dian Credit Union, this program offers valuable support for individuals facing credit challenges. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur struggling to launch your business due to credit issues or want to improve your financial health, this workshop is for you. We'll provide insights into budgeting and emphasize the significance of credit management, including strategies for building and maintaining credit. Learn the essential questions to ask when applying for credit, and gain the tools you need to pave the way for your financial success.

Young businessman

Sales Introduction for the 21st Century Indigenous Warrior

Presented by: Chief Ted Williams

During Ted's extensive 40-year career in the First Nation community, he has participated in various economic development, business development, negotiation, housing, education, personal growth, and social development conferences. Surprisingly, he has never attended a sales 101 program tailored to the Indigenous community. Considering that Indigenous businesses are among the fastest-growing sectors on Turtle Island, there is immense potential for growth and success once we prioritize mastering the art of salesmanship.

Taking Notes on Financial Report

Ohpikiwin: Journey To Financial Empowerment Short - Budgeting and Goals

Presented by: Noah Wilson

This workshop begins by establishing the foundation of an entrepreneur's financial empowerment journey. We emphasize the importance of understanding credit and knowing one's credit standing. The session then delves into creating a personal budget and integrating it with goal setting. Throughout the workshop, we incorporate and highlight Indigenous entrepreneurial success stories, offering real-world inspiration and context.

Business Consultation

Ohpikiwin: Journey To Financial Empowerment Short - Business Essentials

Presented by: Noah Wilson

This workshop starts with exploring the "why" behind entrepreneurship and the mindset needed for success. We then break down the process of creating a business model, providing examples of how Indigenous values and teachings can be integrated into this process. As with the Budgeting and Goals workshop, we will share and discuss Indigenous entrepreneurial success stories throughout the session.

Businessman in Suit

Indigenous Economic Empowerment: Fostering Business Participation

Presented by: Rob Campbell

This session explores the vital role of Indigenous people in Canada's economy, highlighting historical contributions and the impact of economic exclusion. It discusses economic leakage, emphasizing the potential for prosperity through unity and participation. Discover how focusing on the economy can create a vibrant future for Indigenous communities.

Businessman in Suit

Social Finance through an Indigenous Lens

Presented by: Richard Tuck

Indigenous entrepreneurs often struggle to access capital due to colonial financial systems that prioritize extractive, investor-centric approaches. This workshop explores the potential of social finance to provide more patient, less extractive funding. It discusses the challenges Indigenous entrepreneurs face in accessing capital and proposes solutions rooted in Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being. The session examines proposed funds and tools, their research, and potential impacts on Indigenous businesses.

Credit Card Purchase

Unlocking Retail Leadership: Empowering Success

Presented by: Eric Loewen

Explore the dynamic world of retail leadership with industry veterans Eric Loewen, Director of People Development – The North West Company, and Andrew Thunder, Director of Corporate Responsibility – The North West Company. Gain invaluable insights into effective leadership strategies tailored for the retail sector. Discover how companies like The North West Company are championing empowerment initiatives for Indigenous Peoples, fostering a new generation of leaders. Join us for a session packed with actionable tips and inspiring stories on the path to retail leadership success.


Forging Successful Partnerships: Procurement Strategies for Business Growth

Presented by: Brett Hargreaves

Explore the vital role of partnerships in business expansion with industry experts Brett Hargreaves, Senior Category Manager General Merchandise – The North West Company, and Andrew Thunder, Director of Corporate Responsibility – The North West Company. Learn essential tactics for establishing and nurturing successful agreements within the private sector, whether you're selling products or services. Join us for actionable insights on scaling your business through strategic procurement alliances.

Stock Trading App

Taxation on Reserve Income: Incorporation Benefits & Tax-Exempt Investments

Presented by: Dylan Spence

Join us for a comprehensive workshop that covers essential topics for Indigenous individuals and businesses. Learn about the unique tax considerations for on-reserve income, the advantages of incorporation, and effective insurance and risk management strategies. Discover tax-exempt investment plans tailored to your needs and gain valuable insights into retirement planning for tax-exempt individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your financial knowledge and secure a prosperous future.

Job interview

Changing the Norm: Rethinking Indigenous Hiring and Retention Strategies

Presented by: Ryan Merasty

Join us for a workshop that challenges traditional approaches to recruiting and supporting Indigenous talent. Learn to break stereotypes, create clear career paths, and empower Indigenous professionals. Discover practical steps for businesses to better serve Indigenous communities and create a more inclusive environment. This workshop is open to anyone interested in fostering a more inclusive and prosperous work environment. As well, FWS will be offering a prize package for attendees.

Law Firm

Introduction to Federal Procurement

Presented by: Daisy Truong

Join us for a workshop presented by Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC), part of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), dedicated to simplifying federal bidding for smaller businesses and promoting supplier diversity.

Learn about federal procurement processes, Government of Canada purchasing methods, services for Indigenous businesses, and upcoming procurement opportunities. Enhance your understanding of federal procurement and how your business can succeed.

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